... is a brand name of Tru Vue in America. In the Netherlands, the term museum glass is often used to refer to a coated and UV-protective glass than is non reflective. Wilcovak is a premium supplier of Tru Vue products.

For framing, you need to choose a type of glass. The aim is to protect the framed work as it must be shown as optimally as possible. Wilcovak offers various types of glass.

  • museumglas up to 90% UV-protective
  • layered glas >90% UV-protective
  • TruVue optium museum acrylic >99% UV-protective
  • floatglas

We always recommend using museum glass of 90% UV resistance. Alternatives can also be chosen for budgetary reasons.


UV protection by museum glass

Museum glass is primarily intended to undo the annoying reflection of ordinary float glass. It seems as if there is no glass in the frame. The museum glass is marketed in various percentages of UV resistance. The higher the UV factor, the more protection against discoloration and damage to pigments or dyes.

The following descriptions are being used in the Netherlands:

> 70% UV resistant = protective
> 90% UV resistant = preservative
> 99% UV resistant = museum quality

Layered glass

This laminated glass consists of 2 glass plates, each 2 mm thick and fused together with a plastic foil under pressure and heat. The foil ensures that the glass is held together in case of breakage. It provides protection during transport and can sve your artwork.

A disadvantage of laminated glass is the weight. An alternative in that case can be acrylic (plexiglass).

It has the same coating against reflections.

Tru Vue Optium Acrylic

This type of plexiglass glass provides maximum protection (99%) against UV light, is anti-static and has anti-reflective properties. All the advantages in one. Many museums, all over the world, prefer Tru Vue Optium museum acrylic.



A disadvantage is that this type of glass has a green tint.
It has no coating against reflection and filters maximally 45% UV light.

If you only want to protect your artwork from pollution or touch, but you don't have the budget for museum glass, then float glass is an alternative to consider.

There is a version that is extra clear, it does not have the greenish tint.

The glass is available in 2 and 3 mm.




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